The following classes are offered in the Fall 2009 semester at Skyline College.


COMP/TCOM 312: Installing/Using Linux as your PC OS (1.5 units, first half-semester).

Here is the tentative class schedule. The syllabus will be posted by the beginning of August 2009.


COMP/TCOM 313: Working in a Linux Shell Environment (1.5 units, second half-semester).

Here is the tentative class schedule. The syllabus will be posted by the beginning of August 2009.



General information about Linux classes at Skyline follows



This is an informal, bare-bones, but hopefully useful description of the Linux classes available at Skyline College. Thanks for your interest, and welcome to Linux at Skyline.


Skyline College is offering 4 Linux classes, with each class scheduled at least once every other academic year. All classes are hands-on oriented, with the opportunity for learning-by-doing.


COMP/TCOM 312 is the introductory class. Are you interested in using Linux as the operating system on your computer? This class should be of interest to you. You'll install Linux on a PC, learn Linux/Unix concepts using the Linux desktop interface, and get an introduction to the shell and system administration (primarily updates and installing software).


COMP/TCOM 313 is an introduction to working with the Linux shell (command line) interface. Yes, the Linux graphical user interface is getting better, but a working knowledge of shell commands and basics of shell scripting are important for understanding many Internet and reference book resources, and for Linux system and network administration.


COMP/TCOM 314 is designed for folks who have some experience installing and using Linux, but who now want to understand key concepts vital to managing a Linux system, especially in more complex multi-disk, multi-OS configurations.


COMP/TCOM 315 or 316 (combined class).

This course covers how to install, configure and manage common Internet and intra-net services commonly found on Linux network servers. Topics include Domain Name Services, Apache Web server, remote access via telnet(1), ftp(1) and ssh(1), NFS/NIS, Samba, and other topics. This is a semester long class (the other classes are half-semester classes). The Linux-based Network Services class assumes you know how to administer a TCP/IP local area network (LAN). This includes working with IP addresses, subnet masks, default gateways and DNS servers. Most folks get this experience when configuring Windows client computers for network connectivity (home or office). The TCOM 480 class is one way to learn about this subject.



Hope to see you in a Linux class at Skyline!


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